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Cell Phones for BWA Students?

What if students were provided a phone to help them with their school work?

A few weeks ago I sent out a survey asking what students think of their technology tools offered by the school. I believe having access to a cell phone would make school work easier for students. I think that when a student first joins Baker Web Academy, they could be given a new phone. They could keep that phone throughout their years at BWA. When they graduate, they could keep the phone, as it would have little trade-in value for the school, but still be useful to the graduate.

Keeping the same phone for their time at BWA would also teach the students responsibility. If they broke their phone they might have to get an old one from somebody else, or go without.

To limit costs, I think that the phones should have no sim card unless a student buys it themselves. They could work on Wi-Fi only keeping students more on-task and not getting distracted by calls and texting. I think that each student should be able to opt-in if they want a phone and those who don’t just wouldn’t get one. This would improve the workload in Canvas and help students to get more assignments done with more ease and help students make the best use of their time. Being able to just take a picture of your work with a phone is more convenient than scanning it into a printer then sending the file. This way students could directly be able to submit it into Canvas especially if doing work on the go.

I sent out a survey and 168 students responded to my questions. I think the student responses support my ideas.

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