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Public Schooling vs. Homeschooling

Anthony woke up the same way he did everyday, to his alarm clock on his bedside-table at 6 A.M. He groaned, stretched, and dragged himself out of bed. With a yawn, he pulled on his jeans, and made himself a bowl of cereal. He walked like a zombie out the door saying a drowsy “goodbye” to his mother. He walked down to the bus stop, and hopped on the bus, where he would stay for an hour long drive. When the bus arrived at school, he jumped off the bus practically running to class so he could make it in time. He would sit in his classroom for seven hours, then he would get back on the bus for another hour long drive. He would repeat this same process from Monday to Friday.

Suzie rose out of bed at 9 A.M. She stretched and yawned, but felt well rested. She hopped out of bed with a smile, because she was excited to get to do some fun schoolwork. She ate a nice, long breakfast of bacon and eggs, and ran to brush her teeth. She didn’t bother changing out of her sweatpants though, because they were comfy and made her feel at home. She jumped on her bed and pulled out her computer. Leaning in on her knees, she checked what she needed to do that day, and started with math, her favorite. After a long, fun day of working at her own pace, she had plenty of extra time for extracurricular enrichments. She then went home and went back to sleep with a smile.

It might sound like I am a bit biased here, but you are just hearing the truth from an insider. I was in public schooling until I was in fifth grade, when I switched to homeschooling, and I’ll tell you, I honestly prefer homeschooling.However, not everyone feels that way. And yes, there are good factors in both, so I’ll let you decide which you prefer.

One good factor in public schooling is learning self discipline, having to get up so early as you would for a normal job. It gets them used to having to wake up earlier than they want to, which can be an important skill in a job. However, kids will have plenty of time and opportunities to learn discipline, so you decide whether or not it is necessary to teach kids so young.

Homeschooling teaches kids responsibility. It teaches them about making their own schedule. You can’t just do your favorite subject all day long. Then you’d be behind. People in public school have their schedule made up for them. They can’t even choose their enrichments! In homeschooling, you can choose your enrichments as something that you could be very interested in and possibly even a career choice! Yes, in work you don’t usually get to choose your own schedule, but homeschooling is good preparation for college.

Some people argue that public schooling is better because it help kids work as a team. It is not a very valid argument, because there are plenty more efficient ways that have nothing to do with public schooling. For example, I have been homeschooled and been parts of various sports and robotics teams, some associated with public schools, but most in homeschooling groups.

As you can see, there are many pros and many cons to each type of schooling. I will leave it up to you to decide which is better. Now, which would you rather be a part of.

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