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Strivers Taekwondo

Taekwondo. It’s not just punching and kicking, it’s also a state of mind. It can boost your confidence, self-worth, and self defense. You will become confident in your actions, you will feel worthy of yourself because you can protect yourself, you will be able to fight back if needed. That’s exactly what this amazing group can do.

Strivers Taekwondo consists of five amazing students. Daniel Garcia, who loves to improve his skills by punching and holding someone down. He likes how Taekwondo helps improve your self defense skills, which can help you in a real world situation. He loves his instructor, because he has done Taekwondo for so long.

Sophia Hoffman, who enjoys being physical, she loves Brazilian Jujitsu and loves self defense. She likes her instructor because of his honesty. McKenna Marker, who loves Taekwondo because it helps her come out of her shell and be more confident, she loves the self defense aspect, she loves her instructor because he encourages you to persevere.

Nick Ruse, who misses the weapons part, but enjoys being a student aide. He likes to watch new kids open up, and try something new. He likes his instructor because of how positive he is.

And last but definitely not least, Tieson Carter, who enjoys the weapons genre, but also likes to watch kids earn new belts. He likes grappling, and likes to practice punching and kicking. He enjoys his instructor because of how fun he makes class.

These five students exceed in what they do, while also enjoying this athletic sport.

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