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Stars of BCS, Fall 17/18

I am sitting at the rickety old table with the dusty lightbulb hanging down from the ceiling. My feet are up on the table, my head is lolling down, my clothes are dirty, and I’m sipping a lukewarm cup of coffee. I’m hiding out this time in a dim, cramped room at an old hotel: the Hôtel de Confort in the outskirts of France. I would love to stay in a nice place in Paris, but I can’t risk surveillance.

Suddenly, a voice crackles through my earpiece. “We’ve located two files at a café shop in New York City. We need you to go undercover and retrieve them.” There’s a slight pause. “We’re counting on this information, Agent,” the voice says again. “The trainees of Baker Charter School need it. Come to Headquarters for full instructions.”

“Message received, HQ,” I say, my voice hoarse and dusty and tired. Inside, though, I’m thrilled. Another case to hunt down!


File Goracke

NAME: Lucy Goracke



Lucy Goracke is a BWA 8th grader who loves trying new things when it comes to athletics! This year she began ballet and ballroom dancing for the first time. Ballroom dancing is a fun activity for her, but she takes ballet more seriously. She will be participating in a performance at the Junction City School of Dance. It’s a major event, too: a high school is rented and the recital lasts four days.

Lucy plays volleyball and is also in her second year of track at Oaklea Middle School. She likes track “because I really like running but I'm not super self-motivated so track is a fun, social way for me to run.” In her district meet last year, Lucy’s team won a bronze medal for 3rd place and she received 4th place in her event, the 1500 meter dash!

Because of BWA’s flexibility, Lucy has the freedom to create her own schedule around her activities. (Bonus: she gets to sleep in!) She loves sports and advises other students to get involved and “to try new things and just have fun. I would've never thought of myself as a distance runner if I hadn't tried it last year!”


NAME: Haydn "Hyde" Rupe



Hyde Rupe is an exceptional 8th grade student with a strong work ethic. He’s new to Baker Charter Schools, but he’s already flourishing in his new online school environment! Several days a week, Hyde goes to the Bend Student Center and works hard for four hours, often with his advisory teacher. “I'm… proud of how well I'm doing in school,” says Hyde. “I'm happy to be focused and keeping up with my work.” The 8th grader plans to be either a police officer or a paramedic when he grows up, since helping people is one of his passions. His advice for BWA students? “Stay focused - and don't get behind!”

Hyde knows how to have fun, too! When he’s not working on school at his drop-in center or dining room table, he’s usually busy outdoors. He loves mountain bike riding, skateboarding, travelling, and hanging out with his friends. Hyde loves bikes, and he helps his dad to rebuild them. Their current project? Rebuilding his grandpa’s old bike for himself!


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