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The Stars of BCS, Spring 2017

My heart pounds and every sense is on edge as I crouch near the door, clad in black. The room is completely dark and quiet. One slip-up and this whole mission will be ruined. The Academy just promoted me: I am now Agent Damrah. I have to do this. I soundlessly jog over to the other side of the room, and my hand finds it: the file cabinet. This is where the secrets are hidden from the world. And now I’m going to reveal them. My hand grasps the small key from my pocket and places it into the lock. This is everything the Academy has worked for. I can’t risk being found. Barely breathing, I slowly open the first drawer, pull up my mask, place my penlight into my mouth, and peer at the files. Quickly flipping through them, I look for the file I know is there. Then I see it: a file, hidden cleverly in between the others. I breathe a sigh of relief that it is here. Now all I have to do is reveal it to the students of Baker Web Academy…

NAME: Emma VanHecke


SKILLS/TALENTS: Ballet, contemporary dance, hip-hop, babysitting


​DESCRIPTION: Emma VanHecke has been an avid dancer since she was 2 years old, and many of her hours are dedicated to it. She does mostly contemporary, ballet, and hip-hop, although she’d like to try new areas and branch out more. She takes lessons at the Junction City School of Dance and has participated in many community performances, which take place at schools, retirement homes, or town showcases. Every winter, her schools put on a showcase and, more recently, she will be participating in a spring showcase called Loveworks. Every June, she participates in a recital that involves a tech rehearsal and 3 shows on a huge stage in front of hundreds of people.

Emma sees dancing as a way to express herself. “…it is my way instead of words to let off some steam or cry or do whatever I want to do,” she says. “The studio becomes a home away from home and your teachers and dance peers become your second family.” She plans on working towards a minor in dancing once she reaches college.

Emma also finds the time to babysit her siblings. She watches her three younger brothers and sisters when her mom needs her to, but she enjoys spending time with them. She plays soccer with her brothers and dolls with her sister. BWA is a great choice for Emma’s busy lifestyle, because it offers “the flexibly [so] I can spend time with my family when I want to, and it makes it possible for me to take morning dance classes.” We are very proud of Emma and her accomplishments!


“Agent Damrah?”

I jump at the sound of my new title coming out of my earpiece. “Yes?”

“The information was received well by the community. But it isn’t enough. They need more. We’ve received the locations of several other hidden files, and we need you to retrieve them. Please come to headquarters for the details of your mission. That will be all.”

The voice clicks off.

One file just isn't enough. It’s time to find more hidden BCS stars…

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