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Spring 2017 Star Projects

Our students are amazing and creative, and their talents shine through in school projects. We've displayed some impressive, funny, and creative school projects and works here, all by BWA students just like you!

The students in Ms. Jennifer Seretan's advisory class all worked together on a hilarious chain story involving evil fast food and some serious crime-solving. Read it here!

Not very long ago in a city called Storyville, where all the libraries were shaped like books, someone stole all the books in Storyville!... They had all the police in the city on the case (which, in my opinion, is not the brightest idea).

Detective Hamburger got called to the case. He took his GIGANTIC microscope out, and studied the bookshelves. The librarian was watching him with a careful eye. "I HAVE A CLUE!" said the detective...

3rd grader Adnan Damrah wrote a funny story called "What I Couldn't Imagine" for his Language Arts class. "Writing it out took forE-V-E-R!" he said. "But it was super duper fun!" If you can't view his story on these pictures, please click here.

This is a report on adorable red pandas written by BWA 5th grader Austin McGinnis.

Did you know that the red panda’s scientific name is Ailurus fulgens? Every creature has a scientific name; that way, every human can recognize any animal by the same name, no matter what language you speak. For example, a jaguar’s scientific name is Panthera onca; a lion’s is Panthera leo; a tiger is Panthera tigris...

For his English 10 class, BWA sophomore Jayden Nunnery wrote an expository essay about public school budgets. His ideas about how we can improve public schools are very original and interesting!

Since the beginning of time, money has dictated what you can and cannot do. The more money you have, the more things you can do. When we take this idea and apply it to education, it becomes even more true. In our schools today, there are many issues: not enough ways for the students to learn, not enough teachers, not enough extra curricular activities...


If you have a creative school project you are proud of (or you are a teacher or parent who is impressed by your student's project), please send it to us via the contact form at the bottom of the Student Spotlight page. It can be anything: a video, a collage, a painting, a recording, a story, etc. Our submissions are open for the summer edition, and we accept work from all BWA and BEC students!

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