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Closing Football Update

Hello again, sports fans! This is the 4th football update on the BCS Student Voice. For this update I will be going slightly over the Super Bowl and concluding the football part of the sports section.

Super Bowl LI Atlanta Falcons vs New England Patriots

1st quarter

The coin toss was won by the Falcons and they chose to play defense first; the opening drive was taken by the Patriots, the Atlanta defense stood strong, forcing a 3 and out. The first offensive play by the Falcons was a huge gain by Devonta Freeman, who was running the ball. After that play the Patriots defense showed up and forced a 3 and out on the Falcons offense. Tom Brady not able to work the ball down field, as he was sacked twice. The Patriots defense was there again, stopping Atlanta's offense.

2nd quarter

The Patriots had the ball when Legarrette Blount fumbled it, giving it right back to the Falcons offense. The score was still 0-0, but not for long. Matt Ryan worked the ball down field in two plays and Matt Ryan threw to Julio Jones. Devonta Freeman got the opening touchdown, which gave an extra point, making the score 7-0 with Falcons in the lead. The Falcons defense held up, getting the ball back to the offense.

Matt Ryan thew to Austin Hooper for the second Falcons’ touchdown making the score 14-0 in favor of the Falcons. Tim Brady threw an interception right into the hands of Robert Alford as his lightning speed kicked in and he ran straight down the field for a pick 6, making the score 21-0 with Falcons in the lead. The Patriots were held to a field goal, making the score at half time 21-3.

3d quarter

Matt Ryan threw to Tevin Coleman for a touchdown, making the score 28-3. Tom Brady threw to James White for the Patriots’ first touchdown of the game, missing an extra point and making the score 9-28.

4th quarter

Falcons defense stayed strong yet again, holding the Patriots to a field goal at 12-28. New England’s defense held up and got a fumble. Tom Brady got his hands on the ball once again and worked the ball downfield, hosting the beginning of a great comeback. Tom Brady threw to Amendola for the touchdown and went for two points, making the score 20-28.

New England’s defense held up again and got the ball back to the offense. Tom Brady tossed that ball downfield and scored. James White ran the ball up into the endzone and got two, tying the game at 28-28.


Tom Brady got the ball. He threw ONE incomplete pass in the last drive of the game, working the ball downfield. Tom Brady threw to James White for the game-ending touchdown. The Patriots had won their 6th Superbowl and Tom Brady had won his 5th and attended 7.

Final Score: Atlanta Falcons - 28 New England Patriots - 34

This closes the football season of the sports category. This is the last football update in the sports category of the Student Voice until next season in September! I have a lot of fun stuff planned for next season, so please stay tuned until next time!

Image courtesy of Parker Anderson:

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