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Football Update 3 Pro Bowl

Welcome back again for the 3rd sports update on the BCS Student Voice!! For this update, I am going to review the Pro Bowl on Sunday and review my prediction for Super Bowl LI!! Without further ado, let's get right into this.

AFC started with the opening drive and started out with a play of a fake run, lateral, fumble, lateral that went back to the QB; when he tried to throw it he was off target and incomplete. The NFC’s defense stood strong; they got the ball for the first time that night. The NFC went for it on 4th down, failed, and gave the AFC the ball at the 1-yard line. The NFC held up and got the ball back; it was 4th down and they faked the punt and failed. The AFC’s offense kicked in as Walker scored the first touchdown of the game.

The NFC got the ball BS pounded it into the red zone, but Drew Brees threw an interception in the end zone and the AFC got the ball back. Then the NFC answered right back as Richard Sherman, arguably the best Cornerback in the league, intercepted the ball and returned it, as it looked like he would score. It was a Seahawks combo, as Richard Sherman intercepted and Doug Baldwin scored an amazing touchdown run after the catch. And make that a three as Michael Bennett sacked Andy Dalton.

The NFC’s defense stoof their ground, but so did the AFC’s, as the AFC would get the ball back just like that. The AFC capitalized on that, as Andy Dalton threw to Travis Kelce. AFC’s defense held up and got the ball back to the offense and settled for 3 points by scoring a field goal. The AFC’s defense continued to dominate, giving the ball back to the offense over and over. The AFC’s offense faked a field goal, then scored a field goal, making the score 20-7. The NFC scored 2 more field goals and lost 20-13.

Final Score: 13-20, AFC wins

And now let's review my prediction for Super Bowl LI

Super Bowl LI: Atlanta Falcons vs New England Patriots

The Atlanta Falcons will completely rule the first quarter, leaving the quarter 14-0 with Falcons in the lead. Then in the second quarter, the New England Patriots will score twice, leaving the half 14-21 with Falcons in the lead. In the 3d quarter, the Patriots will score a field goal and a touchdown and the Falcons will score 2 field goals, leaving the 3d quarter at 24-28 with the Falcons in the lead. In the 4th quarter, the Patriots will score a touchdown, miss the extra point, and score a field goal, taking the lead at 33-28. Then the Falcons will score a field goal and get a safety, making this the 1st ever Super Bowl to go into overtime. People always say that offense wins games and defense wins championships; this is true, and Atlanta has the better defense, so the Atlanta Falcons will score 2 touchdowns and the Patriots will score one with a 2 point conversion.

My predicted final score: Atlanta Falcons - 47 New England Patriots - 41

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