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Football Update 2 Super Bowl LI

Hello again sports fans, and welcome back to the sports section of the Student Voice! For this update, we are going to be talking about last week's AFC Championships game and the NFC Championships game, hosted at Atlanta and at New England. We will also be predicting Super Bowl LI and talking about the history of the Super Bowl.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots My prediction for this game was that the Patriots would dominate all sides of the ball, and they did.

Final Score: Pittsburgh Steelers - 17 New England Patriots - 36

Green Bay Packers vs Atlanta Falcons I predicted that the Falcons would dominate the first half and that the Packers would make a comeback in the second half. The Falcons did dominate the first half, but they didn't stop there; they dominated the second half also.

Final Score: Green Bay Packers: 21 Atlanta Falcons: 44

Super Bowl LI: Atlanta Falcons vs New England Patriots The Atlanta Falcons will completely rule the first quarter, leaving the quarter 14-0 with Falcons in the lead. Then in the second quarter, the New England Patriots will score twice, leaving the half 14-21 with Falcons in the lead. In the 3d quarter, the Patriots will score a field goal and a touchdown, and the Falcons will score 2 field goals, leaving the 3d quarter at 24-28 with the Falcons lead. In the 4th quarter, the Patriots will score a touchdown, miss the extra point, and score a field goal, taking the lead at 33-28. Then the Falcons will score a field goal and get a safety, making this the 1st ever Super Bowl to go into overtime. People always say that offense wins games and defense wins championships; this is true, and Atlanta has the better defense, so the Atlanta Falcons will score 2 touchdowns and the Patriots will score one with a 2 point conversion.

My predicted final score: Atlanta Falcons - 47 New England Patriots - 41

Super Bowl History There used to be two football leagues: the AFL (American Football League) and the NFL (National Football League). The AFL were not as good as the NFL and were looked down on by the NFL. The NFL and AFL combined, creating NFC and AFC within the NFL. The best AFC team would play the best NFC team in the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl has and is numbered in Roman Numerals, but the only exception to this rule is Super Bowl 50. The first Super Bowl was held at Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, which is when the Green Bay Packers smashed the Kansas City Chiefs with a score of 35-10 in 1967. No Super Bowl has ever gone into overtime and no team in the Super Bowl has ever gone without scoring. Only once has a team gone undefeated in a season.

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