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Football Update 1 Playoffs

Hey sports fans, and welcome to the new sports category on the BCS Student Voice! For this Monday's update we are going to discuss last week's divisional round playoff games, hosted at Atlanta, New England, Dallas, and Kansas City. We will also predict the upcoming Conference Championships playoff games.

Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta Falcons In the opening drive of the game, the Seahawks dominated on offense, scoring almost immediately. After Jimmy Graham scored the opening Touch Down, the Seahawks began to feel confident. The Falcons were left with their jaws dropped, with Seattle leading 7-0.But this was just the beginning of the game. The Legion of Boom couldn't hold the Matt Ryan and Julio Jones combo, as the Falcons answered right back with a Touch Down. Former Falcon Devin Hester answered right back with a huge return for Seattle, and Paul Richardson almost scored immediately afterwards. But the Falcons' defense stepped up this time and Seattle settled for a field goal.

The Seattle defense held up also and Seattle got the ball back. Then Russell Wilson fell into the endzone and was tackled there for a safety. The Seahawks still led 10-9 but sadly, this would be the last lead Seattle would ever see before next season.The Seattle defense held up, but their special teams didn't, as the Falcons had their 1st lead of the night with a field goal 12-10. The Falcons' defense stayed strong once again, and deadly Matt Ryan and Julio Jones got their hands on the ball once more. The offense sure did capitalize on their defense, as Matt Ryan and Tevin Coleman connected to score before halftime, adding to their lead. At halftime the score was 19-10 and the Falcons had the lead.

2nd Half The Falcons got the ball back at the beginning of the 3d quarter It was a scary position for the Seahawks' defense as they knew Atlanta would probably capitalize on this situation. Devonta Freeman scored his 1st touchdown of the game, adding to the Falcons' monster lead of 26-10. The Seahawks had to go for a field goal, and with 2 minutes left in the 3d quarter, the Falcons scored a field goal right at the beginning of the 4th. Russell Wilson had the ball, and he had to do something. He tried, but was intercepted by Allen and of course, the Falcons' offense capitalized on that opportunity, punching it in for ANOTHER TD 36-13 Falcons lead. The Seahawks looked like they were going to make a comeback. Seattle scored in just 2 plays using the deadly Russell Wilson-Doug Baldwin combo. Seattle would get the ball back but Russell Wilson would throw another interception, as the Falcons would move on to the NFC Championship game.

Final Score: Seattle Seahawks-20 Atlanta Falcons-36

Houston Texans vs New England Patriots All I have to say is that the Patriots dominated all sides of the ball, setting new records.

Final Score: Houston Texans-16 and New England Patriots-34

Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys The Dallas Cowboys, with the opening drive, were held to a field goal by the Packers' defense. Aaron Rodgers (Packers QB) got his hands on the ball and scored Rodgers to Rodgers for a TD pass over 30 yards. Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys QB) and Ezekiel Elliott (Dallas Cowboys HB) were held by the Packers' defense again and the Packers got the ball back. The Green Bay Packers scored again as Aaron Rodgers handed it off to Montgomery. The score was 14-3, with Packers in the lead. Packers got the ball back again and scored 21-3. The Dallas Cowboys got the ball and Dak Prescott threw to Dez Bryant for the Cowboys first touchdown 10-21. The Cowboys' defense held up for the first time this game, and they got the ball back. The Cowboys were held to a field goal; the score was 13-21, with Packers holding onto the game.

2nd Half The score was 13-21, with Packers in the lead. Aaron Rodgers got the ball back, and of course he scored; the score was 28-13. At the end of the 3d quarter, the score was 28-13. The Packers scored a field goal to take the at 31-28. Dallas answered right back with a field goal, and Green Bay - in 3 seconds, on the clock - got the field goal, won, and would move on to play the Falcons in the NFC Championships game.

Final Score: Green Bay Packers-34 Dallas Cowboys-31

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Kansas City Chiefs Big Ben (Steelers QB) got the ball first, scoring a field goal. The Steelers' defense did not hold up, allowing the Chiefs to score a touchdown and take the lead at 7-3. Pittsburgh was held to a field goal once again, and the score was 6-7 with Chiefs holding the lead. The Steelers' defense held up for the first time of the night and scored a field goal, taking the lead to 9-7. Steelers got the ball back and scored their 4th field goal leading 12-7. The Steelers' defense stood strong again and they got their 5th field goal of the night!!! That got them at the lead at 15-7. The Chiefs scored a field goal and the score was now 15-10. The Steelers got the ball and… YOU GUESSED IT!!! They scored another field goal!! Now the Steelers were leading 18-10!! The Chiefs scored, but they could not get the 2 point conversion; they lost. The Steelers won by only scoring field goals!! In the end, the Pittsburgh Steelers won, scoring 6 field goals and 0 touchdowns!

Final Score: Pittsburgh Steelers-18 and Kansas City Chiefs-16

Green Bay Packers vs Atlanta Falcons In this NFC champions game, I predict that the Falcons will start strong on offense and defense at halftime the score will be 21-6 with the Falcons in the lead. Then the Green Bay Packers will make a huge comeback, winning the game.

My predicted final score: Atlanta Falcons-30 Green Bay Packers-34

Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots My prediction is that the Patriots will dominate the Steelers, ending the half with a score of 7-28.

My predicted final score: Pittsburgh 21 New England 42

Stay tuned for the next update!

A huge thanks to Jayden Nunnery for helping me write this.

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