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Caught in the Student Spotlight: The Student Voice Newspaper


For our first edition of the Voice's Student Spotlights, we're proud to present to you the work of the BWA/BEC Press Team: The Student Voice Newspaper!

Initiated by the efforts of BEC Sophomore Ruqaiyah Damrah, this newsletter is the product of the ideas and intuition of BWA and BEC students, Fourth Grader Emmery Wells, Fifth Grader Austin McGinnis, Sixth Grader India Rodriguez, Seventh Grader Afnaan Damrah, Seventh Grader Caden Wheeler, Seventh Grader Evin Wells, Sophomore Ruqaiyah Damrah, Junior Gabrielle Lussier, Junior Savannah Moore, BCS Director/Staff Sponsor, Dr. Daniel Huld, and our Advisors, Alayna Grady, Lynsey Martin, and Angela Schwartz .

A round of applause, please!

We're all very excited to share with you the product of our work on this newsletter. From the Events and News section to the Creative Works, every part of this has been written and edited with care for you: our readers. When we started working on the newsletter in early November, we were all a little bit nervous, reserved, and unsure of what we were actually getting ourselves into, but as our meetings progressed, we started to realize just how amazing this could be.

I know I can speak for all of us when I say it's lived up to our expectations, and become so much more than we could've ever expected.

This process has been one that has grown into more than just a collaboration of similarly-interested individuals; throughout our talks concerning formatting, font, editing, article ideas, color schemes, website themes (the list goes on and on), we have become what we were called all along: The BCS Press Team. Our promise? We will write for our school with pride, no matter what we're talking about, from our favorite books, to the websites and programs we recommend, or the events taking place in our communities.

As a short summary of what we have to offer, our Home Page, as you've likely seen, is the headquarters for all new information entering the website. Links to each of our pages can be accessed from there, and our newest blog posts are displayed at the bottom of the page. The 'Categories' dropdown leads to several opportunities, beginning with the ‘Student Lifestyle’ page. Here, we will be talking about our day-to-day lives, posting recipes, reviewing books, and just being us. In the ‘Events’ section, we’ll be discussing current happenings in our communities, from food drives to student outings, and posting pictures for each event. In our ‘Creative Works’ section, we will be showcasing students’ works of art, with an emphasis upon written and painted/sketched/drawn pieces. In our ‘Student Spotlight’ section, we’ll be highlighting the incredible assignments BWA students have completed as part of their coursework. Finally, in our ‘What do You Think?’ section, we want to share our experiences, and our teachers’ experiences at BWA, and communicate with you, our readers, in a series we call ‘Speak Up’.

All the topics under the ‘Categories’ section are open for submissions, which you can complete through our contact pages at the bottom of each section. We want to hear what you think, and we want to see the work you’ve completed as a BWA/BEC student!

Finally, be sure to check out the ‘About’ tab for more information about us. If you’d like to become a member of the Press Team, please fill out the forms on the ‘Contact’ page (BWA/BEC students and teachers only, please). We are limited to a Team of approximately 20 people, so get your applications in as soon as possible.

On behalf of the BCS Press Team, thank you, to our readers, our writers, editors, supporters, staff, and everyone who's supported us throughout the beginning of our newest journey. We couldn't have done this without you.

Best Regards,

The BCS Press Team

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