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Out Door School

Once again, BWA held their annual Outdoor School trip, where students from all over Oregon would get to meet and enjoy nature. In the last week of school, 40 students and 6 counselors spent 4 days in the beautiful Suttle Lake Camp, in Sisters, Oregon, surrounded by breathtaking mountains, wildlife, and plants!

Students got to go on field studies to explore and learn about the world around them. From volcanos, to plants, to animals, the students learned quite a bit. They went on hikes to observe nature, they learned how to identify different plants, they played games to learn more about how animals blend in and use camouflage, there was even a song and dance about the water cycle!

Students didn’t learn on an empty stomach, of course! With food as great as what was served at Outdoor School, it would be very hard to! When students weren’t learning, they were playing frisbee or tag out in the field or hanging out with their cabin mates and counselors in their cabins. They were never bored, between learning and eating and making new friends!

And after every long day of learning and having fun, students, counselors, and teachers alike would gather around for campfire. Every night had new skits, performed by both cabins and teachers, songs that would get stuck in your head for at least a week after camp, and games that were tons of fun. Everyone loved getting to hang out with their fellow campers, relax and have fun!

It’s easy to say that students had a great time enjoying nature, learning new things, eating great food, making new friends, and most importantly, having fun.

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