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Creative Works Spring 2018


Welcome to the Creative Works! This where we feature students Drawings, Poetry, Stories, and other art work! If you would like to see your work featured please send it to thank you!



Go ahead and click on each piece of art work to enlarge it and see the name of the artist!



Flashback by Richard Whittington

George sat on a cold steel bench thinking about how he came to be sitting there. “Where did I start to go wrong?” He muttered into the dark. Then it hit him like a brick. George was surprised by how vividly he remembered it. The events leading to his current position came back to him in a rush... READ MORE

The Four Eels And The Shark by Lena Dederscheck

Once, there were four fat, long, and strong eels swimming in the middle of a beautiful coral reef, feeding on the welcoming coral. Then, out of nowhere an unfriendly, great white shark appeared and tried to attack the eels. To his unhappy... READ MORE

Jose Flint by Evan Leary

Jose sat back in his seat on the train, it was the first time he had sat in days. He slowly closed his eyes and listened to the sounds around him as he drifted off to sleep. The train slowly wound its way through the blue mountains and into the Grande Ronde Valley. Jose awoke just as the train entered the station in Cove, Oregon. He waited for the other passengers to exit the train before rising up, grabbing his bag...

Hade's Fall by Shayla Miller

It was a gorgeous day in the heavens of Olympus, the sun is always shining, the air is always cozy like a blanket with a slight hint at a breeze that makes everyone feel fresh and new to its touch. The smells that fill the air is crisp and moist like the morning after a storm mixed with the sweet fragrance of lilacs and lilies. The residents were bustling about, as if they are preparing for something big. What are they preparing for…?

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