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I'll Be Hiding... Forever

We've all been there... something super embarrassing happens, and all we want to do is hide under a rock, or maybe leave town forever. These moments feel horrible at the time, but they make great stories later on! We've invited BCS students to share their most embarrassing stories!

Afnaan Damrah (BWA student): Once I was taking my little sister to the bathroom, in the store, to wash our hands. We went down the hall and turned right to the women’s room. We went to the sinks to wash our hands. Only then did we realize that we were in the men’s room, when a man walked out from behind one of the stalls. He gave us a confused look and quickly walked out, without washing his hands, and got away from us.

Anonymous BWA student: Well this year October 28th of 2017 I had a harvest party at my farm and I was dressed up as Raggedy Ann. And I was getting on my horse. Well as you know Raggedy Ann wears a dress. So I got on Birdie the horse and my dress got stuck on the seat of the saddle. I swung my leg over and Birdie started walking when I was not even on yet. So I was basically standing with my dress stuck and everybody was staring at me. I was so embarrassed.

Ruqaiyah Damrah (BEC student): Once my little brother went to the emergency room because he got a pencil lead stuck in his foot. I went along and sat on a chair in the room. I wasn’t watching, but my brother was crying when the doctor pulled out the lead. My head started to spin and everything went black. Next thing I knew, I woke up and my head was on the ground and my legs were up against the wall. I had passed out and flipped over!

Desiree Wicks (BWA student): Once when I was like six years old, I was eating apples and drinking water in the kitchen on a rainy day. I went into the room where my mom was and she said, Desiree, your tooth is missing! I responded, No it is not gone! But then again my mom insisted it was. When she said it, I was freaked out, cause I was only six, I was just so scared and probably embarrassed. I think I might have thought of it too hard. Then I realized I must have swallowed it, because it was nowhere to be seen. I was so worried. And on top of the that the spot of where the tooth was, always feels weird. luckily I got over it, but it was quite a day.

Anonymous BWA student: Once my mom took me to the store and we went to the self-check. When we were done, the change came out. It was for another person but I didn’t know that, so I took it. My mom said, "No! That is for that not for you!" I turned around and a man was standing near another self-check counter. I was so embarrassed as I put the change back.

Kayla Martin (BWA student): I was in the 7th grade and I was doing my P.E routine. Then we started to get ready for a game our class was going to play. The game was called, Get the Bacon. So I was teamed up with a boy and he thought he could get the bacon from me. So I said, no he could not, and took off running. There was oil and on the ground and I slipped and fell on my butt. All of my friends and team laughed at me when this happened. I was in a white shirt and pink pants.

Anonymous BWA student: When my brother and I went to a programing class, we made a friend. Our teacher, my brother, and almost half of the class went to the bathroom. Then my friend and I started to eat lunch. I got my box of apple juice and started to squirt it at my friend. I was chasing him as fast my legs could carry me! Then the teacher and the class came back. When the teacher saw me and my friend, he stomped and screamed, HEY! STOP!!! After he screamed, I quietly sat down, red in the face.

Shayla Miller (BWA student): I was at my local church late in the evening watching the Lord of the Rings movie with some of my friends. We were all very tired from watching movies all day and had a hard time keeping our eyes open for the last half of the last movie. We reached one scene, in particular, that was very quiet, solemn and tear-jerking. Many eyes were watering up from the movie and I was really focused on the screen when all of a sudden a goat screaming noise blasts from the depths of my coat pocket next to me. My dad had texted me and I just so happened to have forgotten to turn the volume off. It scared me out of my skin and at the moment, I didn't know how to react. I thought for an instant that it may have been in my head, or that I was the only one who heard it. Sure enough, though, I look up at my phone to notice that everyone was looking right at me trying not to laugh. After a short moment of silence, everyone bursts out laughing their pants off. "That was amazing!" one says. "Perfect timing!" another pipes in. To this day, I smile every time I think of that moment (and make sure that my phone is on silent when I go to watch a movie).

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