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NFL Update #10

Hi there sports fans! I hope your week has been going well! For this update we’re going to be walking through week 10 in the NFL games and predicting week 11! Let's get right into it!

Week 10 Games

Jets vs Buccaneers:

The Buccaneers barely pulled this one out.

Final Score: Jets 10 Buccaneers 15

Saints vs Bills:

The Saints dominated this game on offense and defense.

Final Score: Saints 47 Bills 10

Browns vs Lions:

This one was close until the end.

Final Score: Browns 24 Lions 38

Bengals vs Titans:

The Titans won a very close game.

Final Score: Bengals 20 Titans 24

Packers vs Bears:

The Packers won by one score.

Final Score: Packers 23 Bears 16

Chargers vs Jaguars:

The Jaguars won by a field goal.

FInal Score: Jaguars 20 Chargers 17

Vikings vs Redskins:

The Vikings won by 8 points.

Final Score: Vikings 38 Redskins 30

Texans vs Rams:

It was close in the beginning.

Final Score: Rams 33 Texans 7

Giants vs 49ers:

The Niners finally caught their first win of the year!

Final Score: 49ers 31 Giants 21

Cowboys vs Falcons:

Another game that was really close in the beginning.

Final Score: Falcons 27 Cowboys 7

Patriots vs Broncos:

The Patriots killed it!

Final Score: Patriots 41 Broncos 16

Dolphins vs Panthers:

ANOTHER close game until the end.

Final Score: Dolphins 21 Panthers 45

Seahawks vs Cardinals:

The Seahawks suffered some really big injuries during this game: Richard Sherman and Duane Brown. The Seahawks seemed really good until they lost Richard Sherman, then their defense seemed to collapse.

FInal Score: Seahawks 22 Cardinals 16

Steelers vs Colts:

The Steelers made a comeback to win.

Final Score: Steelers 20 Colts 17

Week 11 Games

Titans vs Steelers:

Steelers will win.

Jaguars vs Browns:

Jaguars will win.

Buccaneers vs Dolphins:

Dolphins will win.

Ravens vs Packers:

Packers will win.

Lions vs Bears:

Lions will win a close one.

Rams vs Vikings:

Rams will blowout the Vikings.

Cardinals vs Texans:

This one will be a close one, but I am picking the Texans.

Chiefs vs Giants:

Chiefs will win.

Redskins vs Saints:

Saints will win.

Bills vs Chargers:

Bills will win.

Bengals vs Broncos:

Broncos will win

Patriots vs Raiders:

The Raiders will continue to lose to bad teams but beat the good ones! Raiders will win.

Eagles vs Cowboys:

This game will be awesome to watch! The Eagles will win.

Seahawks vs Falcons:

WIthout Richard Sherman, the Seahawks defense will struggle to defend Julio Jones… but don't count them out! The Seahawks will win this one.

Thanks so much for reading this. Have a good rest of your week, and make sure to return next week!

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