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NFL Update 9

Hey there sports fans! Can you believe we are already past week 9? Time flies, huh? Well, for this week’s update I will go go over this week’s games and go in-depth into the most entertaining game of the week. Let's get into it!

Week 9 Games

Bills vs Jets:

The Jets won by 2 scores.

Final Score: Jets 34 Bills 21

Rams vs Giants:

The Rams dominated this game to win it.

Final Score: Rams 51 Giants 17

Buccaneers vs Saints:

The Saints won by 20 points.

Final Score: Buccaneers 10 Saints 30

Bengals vs Jaguars:

The Jaguars won by 2 scores.

Final Score: Bengals 7 Jaguars 23

Broncos vs Eagles:

The Eagles won yet again…

Final Score: Broncos 23 Eagles 21

Colts vs Texans:

The Colts won a close one.

FInal Score: Colts 20 Texans 14

Ravens vs Titans:

The Titans won by just 3 points.

Final Score: Titans 23 Ravens 20

Falcons vs Panthers:

The Panthers won by a field goal.

Final Score: Panthers 20 Falcons 17

Cardinals vs 49ers:

The Cardinals won by 10 points.

Final Score: Cardinals 20 49ers 10

Chiefs vs Cowboys:

The Cowboys surprisingly won this one.

Final Score: Chiefs 17 Cowboys 28

Lions vs Packers:

The Lions won.

Final Score: Lions 30 Packers 17

Raiders vs Dolphins:

Well done, Raiders and Dolphins, you produced the most entertaining game of week 9. The Raiders offense started off the game with excitement, throwing deep passes and completing! But the Dolphins held them to a field goal. When Jay Cutler (Dolphins returning quarterback) returned on the field after being hurt, he drove down the field and scored a touchdown, throwing to his new running back Damian WIlliams for a touchdown.

The score was 6-3 with Dolphins in the lead. The Dolphins surprised everyone with an onside kick, but they recovered it and the Dolphins offense got to come out again. But another new Dolphins running back, Kenyan Drake, fumbled and gave the ball to the Raiders. The Raiders drove down field and scored a touchdown, taking a lead of 10-6. But before halftime the Dolphins scored a field goal, lowering the Raiders lead to just 9-10.

Late in the 4th quarter, with 1 minute to play, the Dolphins drove down field, scored a touchdown, but were not able to win it.

Final Score: Raiders 27 Dolphins 24

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