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NFL Update #8

What’s up NFL fans? For this week’s update we’re going to be going over week 8’s games and predicting week 9’s games. So let's go right ahead and get into it!

Week 8 Games

Dolphins vs Ravens:

The Ravens blew the Dolphins out.

Final Score: Ravens 40 Dolphins 0

Vikings vs Browns:

The Browns still have 0 wins.

Final Score: Vikings 33 Browns 16

Chargers vs Patriots:

The Patriots won a close one.

Final Score: Chargers 13 Patriots 21

Bears vs Saints:

The Saints won by a score.

Final Score: Saints 20 Bears 12

Panthers vs Buccaneers:

The Panthers won by a couple of scores.

Final Score: Panthers 17 Buccaneers 3

Colts vs Bengals:

The Bengals won by 1 point.

Final Score: Bengals 24 Colts 23

Raiders vs Bills:

The Bills won a blow out.

Final Score: Bills 34 Raiders 14

49ers vs Eagles:

The Eagles won by a ton.

Final Score: 49ers 10 Eagles 33

Falcons vs Jets:

The Falcons won, although they played terribly.

Final Score: Falcons 25 Jets 20

Cowboys vs Redskins:

Ezekiel Elliott's (Cowboys' star running back) last game was a win.

Final Score: Cowboys 33 Redskins 19

Steelers vs Lions:

The Steelers won by a score.

Final Score: Steelers 20 Lions 15

Seahawks vs Texans:

I picked this as the most entertaining game of week 8. Deshaun Watson (Texans quarterback) started off the game with a long pass to his receiver Will Fuller for a Touchdown. But on the Texans’ next drive after the Seahawks failed to score, Deshaun Watson threw an interception to star safety Earl Thomas.

Earl returned it for his 1st Touchdown in a while. When Deshaun Watson came back onto the field he didn't make the same mistake, this time driving down field and Lamar Miller (Texans running back) scored a touchdown. Although the Seahawks defense had 3 interceptions, the it did not hold up enough to prevent this game from being a shootout.

The mighty Russell Wilson came right back onto the field and scorched the Texans defense, throwing a touchdown pass to Paul Richardson. Late in the 4th quarter, with 5 minutes left to play, Seahawks led the Texans 34-31. Deshaun Watson threw a screen pass to Deandre Hopkins (Texans star wide receiver) for a long touchdown.

With 2 minutes left to play, Russell Wilson passed and ran to drive down the field but threw an interception in the red zone! But the Seahawks defense that struggled so much came up big, getting the ball back to the amazing Russell Wilson. Once he got it, with about 1 minute left to play, he drove down field and threw a touchdown pass to Seahawks’ amazing tight end, Jimmy Graham.

But the game wasn't over: Deshaun Watson and the Texans had the ball back with half a minute left! But the game was ended when Watson threw the game winning interception to Richard Sherman! The Seahawks won a stunning game.

Final Score: Seahawks 41 Texans 38

Week 9 Games

Bills vs Jets:

Bills will win.

Buccaneers vs Saints:

Saints will win.

Rams vs Giants:

Rams will win.

Ravens vs Titans:

Ravens will win.

Bengals vs Jaguars:

Jaguars will win.

Broncos vs Eagles:

Eagles will win.

Colts vs Texans:

Texans will win.

Redskins vs Seahawks:

Seahawks will win again.

Cardinals vs 49ers:

49ers will win.

Chiefs vs Cowboys:

Chiefs will win.

Raiders vs Dolphins:

Raiders will win.

Lions vs Packers:

Lions will win.

Hey! You made it to the end! Nice job, I hope you return next week for another update!

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