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NFL Update #7

Hey there NFL Fans, welcome to another NFL Update. For this update I'm going to go over week 7’s games and predict week 8’s games. I will also go in-depth into the most entertaining game and this week’s Seahawks game.

Week 7 Games

Ravens vs Vikings:

The Vikings won by a couple of scores.

Final Score: Ravens 16 Vikings 24

Saints vs Packers:

The Saints won against a Packers team, which cannot win without Aaron Rodgers.

Final Score: Packers 17 Saints 26

Jets vs Dolphins:

The Dolphins offense got going, especially with their backup QB coming in the game.

Final Score: Dolphins 31 Jets 28

Panthers vs Bears:

The Panthers seemed to really slow down on offense in this game.

Final Score: Panthers 3 Bears 17

Cardinals vs Rams:

The Rams absolutely dominated on offense and defense.

Final Score: Cardinals 0 Rams 33

Buccaneers vs Bills:

The Buccaneers almost made a comeback, but ultimately lost.

Final Score: Buccaneers 27 Bills 30

Jaguars vs Colts:

The Jaguars performed well on both sides of the football.

Final Score: Colts 0 Jaguars 27

Titans vs Browns:

The Titans won in OT.

Final Score: Titans 12 Browns 9

Cowboys vs 49ers:

The Cowboys won a blow out.

Final Score: Cowboys 40 49ers 10

Bengals vs Steelers:

The Steelers won, as I predicted.

Final Score: Steelers 29 Bengals 14

Broncos vs Chargers:

The Chargers won a blow out.

Final Score: Chargers 21 Broncos 0

Falcons vs Patriots:

The Patriots overcame the fog in this Super Bowl rematch to win it.

Final Score: Falcons 7 Patriots 23

Redskins vs Eagles:

The Eagles did amazing on offense, winning this one.

Final Score: Eagles 34 Redskins 24

Raiders Vs Chiefs:

I picked this game for the most entertaining. The Chiefs got the ball first, but held to a field goal. When the Raiders offense got the ball they were ruthless, scoring a touchdown in just a few plays: Derek Carr to Amari Cooper for a long touchdown pass.

The Chiefs lead, leaving the half with a score of 20-14. Late in the 4th quarter… with 0 seconds left to play… Derek Carr threw the game winning touchdown to his receiver, Michael Crabtree. The Raiders’ game-winning drive was amazing, and both the Raiders and the Chiefs played exceptionally well.

Seahawks vs Giants:

WIth the Seahawks coming off a bye week, the players were fresh and ready to play. The Seahawks’ defense started strong but ended stronger. The Giants could put up only one score against this mighty Seahawks defense. The Seahawks offense also seemed to get going, putting up 24 points. 24 points may not seem like a lot, but it is enough to win games for the Seahawks, as their defense can and will likely hold team's Offense to under 20 points. The Seahawks won a well-deserved win.

Final Score: Seahawks 24 Giants 7

Week 8 Predictions

Dolphins vs Ravens:

Dolphins will win by 2 scores.

Vikings vs Browns:

Vikings will win by 2 or 3 scores.

Chargers vs Patriots:

The Patriots will win by one score.

Bears vs Saints:

The Bears will win by a field goal.

Panthers vs Buccaneers:

The Bucs will win by a touchdown.

Colts vs Bengals:

The Bengals will win by a field goal.

Raiders vs Bills:

Raiders will win by 2 scores, at least.

49ers vs Eagles:

The Eagles will win by 4 scores.

Falcons vs Jets:

The Jets will win by a score.

Seahawks vs Texans:

The Seahawks will win by one score. The Seahawks are at home and the Texans do not have J.J Watt.

Cowboys vs Redskins:

Cowboys will win by a score.

Broncos vs Chiefs:

The Chiefs will win by 3 scores.

Steelers vs Lions:

I think this game will be the most entertaining of week 8, with the Steelers winning by a score.

Thank you all so much for reading this week’s NFL update. I hope that you return for next week’s update too!

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