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NFL Update #6

Here we are….already entering week 7 of NFL season! So for this weeks NFL update I will go over week 6’s games, predict week 7’s games, and go in depth on the week's most entertaining game. So let's go right ahead and get started!

Week 6 Games

Panthers vs Eagles:

The Panthers and Eagles both performed very well on offense and defense, but the Eagles won a very close game.

Final Score: Eagles 28 Panthers 23

Bears vs Ravens:

The Bears won another close game.

Final Score: Bears 27 Ravens 24

Packers vs Vikings:

Aaron Rodgers (the Packers’ star Quarterback) broke his collarbone and will likely not return this season, causing the Packers to lose.

Final Score: Packers 10 Vikings 23

Lions vs Saints:

The Saints won a high-scoring game against a very good Lions team.

Final Score: Lions 38 Saints 52

49ers vs Redskins:

The 49ers lost AGAIN.

Final Score: Redskins 26 49ers 24

Browns vs Texans:

The Texans performed well on both offense and defense.

Final Score: Texans 33 Browns 17

Patriots vs Jets:

The Jets held up very well against the Super Bowl Champion Patriots team.

Final Score: Jets 17 Patriots 24

Buccaneers vs Cardinals:

With Adrian Peterson (NFL Legend running back) now joining the Cardinals, the team was able to win.

Final Score: Cardinals 38 Buccaneers 33

Jaguars vs Rams:

The Rams won.

Final Score: Rams 27 Jaguars 17

Chargers vs Raiders:

The Raiders are not performing the way we expected them to.

Final Score: Raiders 16 Chargers 17

Steelers vs Chiefs:

The Steelers beat what was the only undefeated team in the league!

Final Score: Chiefs 13 Steelers 19

Giants vs Broncos:

The Giants, a team who had 0 wins, beat the Broncos! Nice job, Giants!

Final Score: Broncos 10 Giants 23

Colts vs Titans:

The Titans beat the Colts.

Final Score: Colts 22 Titans 36

Dolphins vs Falcons:

I picked this game for the most entertaining game because the Dolphins made a comeback and beat the Falcons! At the end of the 2nd quarter the Dolphins trailed 17-0 but in the 3rd and 4th quarter the Dolphins showed up, making an amazing comeback to beat the Falcons. The Falcons are a very good football team, but like we saw when they went against the Patriots in the Super Bowl, their team begins to slow down in the second half, allowing other teams to make comebacks and win.

Week 7 Predictions

Chiefs vs Raiders:

Chiefs will win this one.

Ravens vs Vikings:

The Ravens will win.

Saints vs Packers:

WIthout Aaron Rodgers, the Packers cannot win against good teams: Saints will win this one.

Jets vs Dolphins:

Jets will win.

Panthers vs Bears:

Panthers will win.

Cardinals vs Rams:

Cardinals will win.

Buccaneers vs Bills:

Buccaneers will win.

Jaguars vs Colts:

Jaguars will win.

Titans vs Browns:

Titans will win.

Cowboys vs 49ers:

Cowboys will win.

Bengals vs Steelers: Steelers will win.

Seahawks vs Giants:

Seahawks will win.

Broncos vs Chargers:

Chargers will win.

Falcons vs Patriots:

Patriots will win.

Redskins vs Eagles:

Eagles will win.

Thank you all for reading this and be sure to return next week for another NFL update!

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