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NFL Update #3

Hello NFL fans, welcome back to another NFL update. This update I will be going over week four's games and predicting week fives games. I will go in depth into the Seahawks game and the most interesting or entertaining game for this week!

Week 4 Games

Bears vs Packers:

The Packers started off amazing, putting up 2 touchdowns in the first quarter.

I predicted the Packers would win, and I was correct.

Finals Score: Packers 35 Bears 14

Saints vs Dolphins:

The Saints dominated on offense and defense, beating the Dolphins.

I predicted the Saints would win; I was correct.

Final Score: Saints 20 Dolphins 0

Bengals vs Browns:

The Bengals did very well on both sides of the ball.

I predicted the Browns to win, and I was incorrect.

Final Score: Bengals 31 Browns 7

Jaguars vs Jets:

The Jets won a close one in Overtime.

I predicted the Jaguars to win; I was incorrect.

Final Score: Jaguars 20 Jets 23

Panthers vs Patriots:

The Panthers did surprisingly well against this amazing Patriots team.

I predicted the Patriots to win, and I was incorrect.

Final Score: Panthers 33 Patriots 30.

Lions vs Vikings:

This was a low score game.

I predicted the Lions to win, and I was correct.

Final Score: Lions 14 Vikings 7

Titans vs Texans:

The Texans’ offense and defense performed amazing in this game.

I predicted the Texans to win and I was correct.

Final Score: Texans 57 Titans 14

Steelers vs Ravens:

The Steelers’ offense seemed to get going this game.

I predicted the Steelers to win, and I was correct.

Final Score: Ravens 9 Steelers 26.

Cowboys vs Rams:

The Rams showed that they are good this year.

I predicted the Cowboys to win, but I was incorrect.

Final Score: Rams 35 Cowboys 30.

Bills vs Falcons:

The Bills did really well against the Falcons.

I predicted the Falcons to win, but I was incorrect.

Finals Score: Bills 23 Falcons 17.

Giants vs Buccaneers:

The Buccaneers won this one.

I predicted the Giants to win; I was incorrect.

Final Score: Giants 23 Buccaneers 25.

Eagles vs Chargers:

Legarrette Blount (Eagles running back) performed awesome this game.

I predicted the Eagles to win, and I was correct.

49ers vs Cardinals:

The Cardinals won this one in overtime.

I predicted this game - correct.

Final Score: 49ers 15 Cardinals 18.

Raiders vs Broncos:

The Raiders’ Quarter Back Derek Carr got injured and the Raiders lost.

I predicted the Raiders to win, but I was incorrect.

Final Score: Raiders 10 Broncos 16.

Chiefs vs Redskins:

This was my pick for the most entertaining game. This one started out with the Chiefs’ offense not doing so well, but their defense held the Redskins to 10 points leaving the 2nd quarter. Entering the 3rd quarter the Chiefs trailed 10-7 but eventually made a comeback. With 4 seconds left on the clock the Redskins had the ball down by 3 points. They had 75 yards to get a touchdown and they started being tricky trying to get it. Eventually one of the Redskins players tried to throw it back to another player, but the other Redskin could not catch at and a Chief returned it for a touchdown with 0 seconds left on the clock.

I predicted the Chiefs would win; I was correct.

Final Score: Chiefs 29 Redskins 20.

Seahawks vs Colts:

The Seahawks Defense did amazing this game, getting 2 touchdowns. It was a close game at the beginning, leaving the 2nd quarter with a score of just 15-10 with the Colts winning. But once the Seahawks got some momentum, the Colts could not stop them. In the 3rd quarter alone the Seahawks scored a total of 22 points. The Colts only scored 3. In the 4th quarter the Seahawks scored 14 and the Colts scored 0.

I predicted the Seahawks would win, and I was correct.

Final Score: Seahawks 46 Colts 18.

Something to look forward to for Seahawks fans:

Although our amazing Running Back, Chris Carson, got injured, Eddie Lacy was our leading rusher, and in the 4th quarter our secret weapon showed up: J.D Mckissic. No need to worry about the running game for Seahawks fans; they had 194 Rushing yards last week.

Week 5 Predictions

Patriots vs Buccaneers:

Patriots win this one.

Chargers vs Giants:

Giants win their first game of the season.

Panthers vs Lions:

The Panthers win a close one.

Seahawks vs Rams:

If the Seahawks Offense and Defense performs the way they did in the 2nd half against the Colts, they win. If they don't then the Rams win. Overall I predict the Seahawks to win.

Jets vs Browns:

The Jets win this one.

Jaguars vs Steelers:

Steelers win 2 in a row.

Bills vs Bengals:

The Bills win a very close game.

49ers vs Colts:

The 49ers win a good one.

Cardinals vs Eagles:

The Eagles win a close one.

Titans vs Dolphins:

The Titans come back from a terrible loss against the Texans and win.

Ravens vs Raiders:

Raiders finally get another win.

Packers vs Cowboys:

I say the Packers got this one.

Chiefs vs Texans:

This is my favorite game on for week 5 but I say the Texans win a very close game.

Vikings vs Bears:

I say the Bears win this one.

Thank you for reading and make sure to comeback next week for another NFL update!

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