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NFL Update #2

Hey there NFL fans! Welcome back to the second NFL update for this year! For this update I will go over the week 3 games, predict week 4’s games, go over the Seahawks game, and go over the most interesting, best, or most entertaining game of week 3. Let's get started!

Week 3 Games

Chiefs vs Chargers:

The Chiefs went 3 and 0 and the Chargers went 0 and 3...

My prediction was the Chiefs would win, and I was correct.

Final score: Chiefs 24 Chargers 10

Bengals vs Packers:

Aaron Rodgers got his FIRST ever win against the Bengals (the Bengals were the ONLY team Aaron Rodgers had never beat until that point on Sunday).

I predicted this one correctly.

Final score: Packers 27 Bengals 24

Raiders vs Redskins:

The Redskins impressed everyone with this fantastic win over the Raiders.

My super confident prediction for the Raiders to win was incorrect.

Final Score: Raiders 10 Redskins 27

Ravens vs Jaguars:

The Ravens’ amazing defense didn't do so well this time, and neither did their offense.

I was incorrect with my prediction for the Ravens to win this one.

Final Score: Jaguars 44 Ravens 7

Broncos vs Bills:

The Bills took this one over a pretty good Broncos team.

I predicted the Broncos would win and I was incorrect.

Final Score: Broncos 16 Bills 26

Steelers vs Bears:

The Bears surprisingly beat this very good Steelers team.

I predicted the Steelers would win, and I was...again...incorrect.

Final Score: Steelers 17 Bears: 23

Saints vs Panthers:

The Saints took a nice win over the Panthers.

I predicted the Saints would win; I was correct.

Final Score: Panthers 13 Saints 34

Browns vs Colts:

The Colts won a close one.

I predicted the Browns would win; I was incorrect.

Final Score: Browns 28 Colts 31

Giants vs Eagles:

The Eagles won a close game against the Giants, making the Giants lose at 0 and 3.

I predicted the Eagles would win, and I was correct.

Final score: Eagles 27 Giants 24

Falcons vs Lions:

The Falcons won 3 and 0 after this one.

I predicted the Falcons would win; I was correct.

Final Score: Falcons 30 Lions 26

Dolphins vs Jets:

The Dolphins’ defense and offense shut down during this game.

I predicted the Dolphins to win, and I was incorrect.

Final Score: Dolphins 6 Jets 20

Cowboys vs Cardinals:

The Cowboys won a good overall game against this very good passing Cardinals team.

I predicted the Cardinals to win and was incorrect.

Final Score: Cardinals 17 Cowboys 17

Rams vs 49ers:

This one is my pick for the most entertaining game of week 3. It all started with Brian Hoyer throwing an interception in just the first 12 seconds of the game. As much as it seemed like this one would be a blow out with the Rams winning, the 49ers made this a very close and entertaining game. The 49ers went for a 2 point conversion to tie the game and hopefully

take this one into Overtime, but they were denied the two points and lost.I predicted the 39ers to win. I was incorrect.

Final Score: Rams 41 49ers 39

Seahawks vs Titans:

This game started out with heavy defense, ending the half with a score of 7-9 with Titans in the lead. But in the second half, both offenses got their act together, as the Seahawks’ defense was tired and the Seahawks’ offense got going. The Seahawks started a late comeback but it was too late.

I predicted the Seahawks to win, and I was incorrect.

Final Score: Seahawks 27 Titans 33

Something to look forward to for the Seahawks is that their offense seems to finally be getting started.

Week 4 Games:

Seahawks vs Colts:

Seahawks win; if Seattle's offense gets going then this one will be a blowout.

Bears vs Packers:

Packers will win this one.

Saints vs Dolphins:

Saints will take the W.

Browns vs Bengals:

The Browns will win a close one.

Titans vs Texans:

The Texans will win a very, very close game.

Steelers vs Ravens:

The Steelers win this game.

Bills vs Falcons:

Falcons will win this one.

Jaguars vs Jets:

The Jaguars got this one.

Panthers vs Patriots:

The Patriots have this one easy.

Lions vs Vikings:

The Lions win this one.

Cowboys vs Rams:

The Cowboys win this one.

Giants vs Buccaneers:

Giants win this one.

49ers vs Cardinals:

The Cardinals got this one.

Raiders vs Broncos:

The Raiders win a close one.

Redskins vs Chiefs:

Chiefs win this one.

Thanks for reading this NFL update, make sure to tune in every Wednesday for more!

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