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NFL Update #1

Hello NFL fans, welcome to the first NFL update for this school year. For this update I will be going over all the games of week 2, and I will predict week 3’s games. Every week I will go in depth in the Seahawks games since we don't have a NFL team in Oregon and they are closest, and also in depth for what I think was the best game on for each week. So let's go ahead and get started.

Week 2 Games

Saints vs Patriots:

Two football legends went head to head (Adrian Peterson, former Vikings running back now with the Saints and Tom Brady, the quarterback for the Patriots). As we all expected, Tom Brady and his crew won this one.

Final Score: Saints 20 Patriots: 36

Texans vs Bengals:

The Texans had their 9th different starting quarterback since 2014 entering this game. For a comparison, the Seattle Seahawks only had 1 since 2014.

Final Score: Texans 13 Bengals 9

Bills vs Panthers:

The Bills held up surprisingly well against the Panthers but still lost.

Final Score: Panthers 9 Bills 3

Buccaneers vs Bears:

The Buccaneers surprised everybody when their offense exploded to win this one.

Final Score: Buccaneers 29 Bears 7

Vikings vs Steelers:

This one was no surprise.

Final Score: Steelers 26 Vikings 9

Cardinals vs Colts:

The Colts held up well after losing badly to THE RAMS but the Cardinals won it in overtime.

Final Score: Cardinals 16 Colts 13

Browns vs Ravens:

The Ravens defense did well again!

Final Score: Browns 10 Ravens 24

Eagles vs Chiefs:

The Chiefs went 2 and 0

Final Score: Chiefs 27 Eagles 20

Titans vs Jaguars:

The Titans are not looking too bad this year.

Final Score: Titans 37 Jaguars 16

Jets vs Raiders:

WIth Marshawn Lynch and Derek Carr, the Raiders team is my AFC Super Bowl pick.

Final Score: Raiders 45 Jets 20

Dolphins vs Chargers:

The Chargers could have won with a field goal but just like last week their kicker missed a very important field goal.

Final Score: Dolphins 19 Chargers 17

Cowboys vs Broncos:

Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott went on their sophomore slump and went 1 and 1.

Final Score: Cowboys 17 Broncos 42

Redskins vs Rams:

Both teams went 1 and 1 and the Redskins won.

Final Score: Redskins 27 Rams 20

Giants vs Lions:

The Giants left the field with no wins so far this season.

Final Score: Lions 24 Giants 10

Packers vs Falcons:

My pick for the best game for week 1 was the Packers vs Falcons. Two NFC playoff teams went at it and the Falcons overall dominated on Offense and Defense. Aaron Rodgers and his Offense started to take advantage of the Falcons’ tired defense but they began this too late in the 4th quarter. The Falcons went 2 and 0 and beat the Packers 2 times in a row.

Final Score: Falcons 34 Packers 23.

Seahawks vs 49ers:

The Seahawks’ offense started off slow again, having one of the worst offensive lines in the league. But on the other side of the ball, on defense the Seahawks have arguably THE BEST defensive line. The Seahawks’ defense held up as always but Russell Wilson and the Seahawks’ offense could do nothing. Carlos Hyde (The 49ers running back) got his second longest run against the Seahawks but the defense ended up holding the 49ers’ offense to 3 points.

Final Score: Seahawks 12 49ers 9.

Something to look out for in week 3 for the Seahawks is rookie running back Chris Carson. He is fast, elusive, and can punish you with a hard hit when you tackle him.

Week 3 Predictions

Seahawks vs Titans:

Seahawks will win this one, as their offense will finally get a little better than their last couple games.

Rams vs 49ers:

49ers will win this one.

Ravens vs Jaguars:

We all know the Ravens will win this.

Dolphins vs Jets:

The Dolphins will win this.

Browns vs Colts:

Arguably the 2 WORST teams in the league; I think the Colts will win.

Saints vs Panthers:

The Saints will find their first win of the season.

Falcons vs Lions:

Sorry, Lions but you don't stand a chance. Falcons will win.

Broncos vs Bills:

Broncos will win this one.

Steelers vs Bears:

Steelers will win.

Texans vs Patriots:

I want to take a long shot and say the Texans will win, but deep down inside I know the Patriots will win.

Buccaneers vs Vikings:

This one will be close, but the Buccaneers have got this one.

Giants vs Eagles:

Sorry Odell and Brandon Marshall, but I think the Eagles will take this one.

Chiefs vs Chargers:

The Chiefs will go 3 and 0. Chiefs will win.

Bengals vs Packers:

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers will win.

Raiders vs Redskins:

Haha, if you say the Redskins will win you might need to go to the doctor’s office. (If the Redskins win I will be upset.)

Cowboys vs Cardinals:

I am going to go with my gut and say that the Cardinals will win.

Thank you for reading this, and please make sure to check the Sports section every Wednesday for NFL updates.

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