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Spring Adventures

As the last semester of school slowly wound down for the summer, Baker Charter Schools still had a few field trips left in store! Students had a blast taking their learning outside of the classroom and doing all kinds of things, from visiting a fur house to flying in a wind tunnel!

Eastern Oregon University (Apr. 21)

On a beautiful Friday in April, a group of students led by Mr. Geoffrey Robinson gathered to learn about Eastern Oregon University. 200 students from all over Eastern Oregon, including 8 students from Baker Web Academy attended. Students learned how college will provide a path for their career and how they can earn EOU credits in high school. They even got to see the Eastern Oregon University campus, including the dorms!

Fort Vancouver (Apr. 21)

While students were exploring Eastern Oregon University, others were exploring the history of our state! Students were guided around Fort Vancouver, which was once a trading post for the Hudson Bay Company. They visited a fur house where they learned about (and touched!) real animal fur and what it was used for. They also visited the Indian Trading store where they learned about trading among early settlers in the 1800s. They learned about John McLoughlin, who was the man in charge of Fort Vancouver and the “father of Oregon”. They even went into his house! They saw many amazing places, and learned about amazing people too. Above all, they learned about our home, Oregon!

NW Children's Theater: Robin Hood (Apr. 22 - May 21)

Several times over a month, students went out to the NW Children's Theater in downtown Portland to experience the wonder of the play "Robin Hood." The group of about 33 parents and students was led by Ms. Lael Bingham. She was thrilled to share her love of theater with the amazing group. The play was a wonderful mix of sword fights, drama, comedy, and yes, even a little romance. “There was an audible gasp from the audience when Robin and Maid Marian kissed,” Ms. Bingham said. It sounds like they all had fun!

Foreign Language and International Studies Day at University of Oregon (May 5)

A large group of high school students attended the Foreign Language & International Studies Day at University of Oregon. They all had a blast at this fun event! Students got to choose which language and cultural classes they want to attend at the university. Ms. Ashley Chandler, who led the group, says some of the favorite classes among the students were African Dancing, Chinese Calligraphy, and Japanese Tea Ceremony. Italian food and Culture, along with Spanish Tiles, were also popular and fun choices. Everyone is excited to come back next year!

Portland Walking Tour (May 5)

Portland, Oregon is a fascinating city that is rich with history! On a cloudy Friday morning, students, parents, and teachers gathered at Downtown Portland for a walking tour! The 2-hour tour spanned 2.6 miles and went through some interesting landmarks. The students learned some interesting facts, such how Portland was founded and where it's name comes from (the name came from a coin toss game). After the tour ended at the waterfront, everyone left with a better understanding of our state's famous city and a full belly after eating from Portland's famous food carts!

iFly (May 8)

Have you ever wished you had the ability to fly? Believe it or not, some BWA students took off from the ground on a special field trip to iFly, a place for indoor skydiving! After listening to a STEM lecture, they got to watch experienced flyers do some tricks in a wind tunnel. Then they got into some special suits, helmets, and goggles to try it out for themselves! Each person went into the loud wind tunnel with an instructor (it's easy to get blown away by all the wind!). The second time around, the students were able to fly to the ceiling!

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