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BWA Outdoor School

This year, BWA hosted its annual Outdoor School where students got to meet each other and have fun! Everyone spent two days at Eagle Creek Cascade Locks and made new friends. There was camping in tents, a big campfire, and many activities, including charades! Everyone had lots of fun and learned along the way.

Student Olivia Maccabee was asked what her favorite memory she made there was, and she said:,“Getting to go to the fish hatchery was fun, I got to see Herman the Sturgeon.” She said that if this was done next year, she would go again because of the night time songs they sang; her favorite was “Eat bananas, eat eat bananas.”

But we can’t forget the most important event that took place: making s'mores. You can’t have anything outdoor without s’mores.

The games and food weren't the only fun parts! There were tons of hiking and hands-on learning activities! Students explored nature and got some first-hand knowledge on plants and animals.

The BWA Outdoor School must have been a blast to attend! With thrilling hikes, fun activities, delicious s’mores and more, this event was a smash success! I can’t wait to be there next year, and not just for the s’mores...

Photos courtesy of Jacob and Jill Denbrook

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