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The Timbers Army

Portland Timbers, here we go

Portland Timbers, here we go

(clap, clap)

This is just one of the chants this passionate group of supports will belt out during a Portland Timbers soccer match. This enthusiastic group is made up of loyal Portland Timbers soccer fans that call themselves the “Timbers Army.” The Timbers Army is an organized group of supporters that lights up Providence Park with an electrifying atmosphere. This group has an interesting history and a unique culture and, whether you’re a soccer fan or not, I think you might enjoy learning about it! The History The Timbers Army has strong history dating back to 2001. They originated in 2001 as the “Cascade Rangers.” It all started with a group of eight people who decided to take their support to the next level, and they started gathering in section 107 of the stadium, which is on the north end, right above the goal. They wanted to bring a European style of cheering to the Timbers. They slowly started to grow and add more elements to their cheering. In 2002 they changed their name to the “Timbers Army” because of some speculation that the name resembled other teams. In just two years the Army had grown to over 200 passionate supporters. In 2005 the Army consisted of over 1,000 people! They developed a reputation around the league and, year after year, demonstrated their passion and energy.

The Culture In 2015 “FourFourTwo” ranked the 100 best football stadiums in the world, and 4 Major League Soccer stadiums made the cut. The Timbers’ Providence Park ranked ahead of the other three MLS stadiums, at # 40 out of 100 in the world. This is rather impressive, considering that the Timbers have the oldest and smallest stadium of their MLS peers. Credit the Timbers Army! They make Providence Park what it is, and from personal experiences, Timbers’ home matches would not be the same without their energy and enthusiasm. They create an atmosphere that is far better than any other in the league. In 2017, ESPN FC took a poll to reveal which MLS club has the best vocal support, and the Timbers won by an outstanding 49 percent of voters. The vocal support alone is awesome, but there's more: the Timbers Army display tifos (displays in which fans hang a banner and hold up banners to create an image, often used to annoy the other team, make a political statement, or just make some humor) that are arguably the best in worldwide soccer. The 107IST The 107IST is a non-profit organization based out of the Timbers Army, but is open to anyone. The 107IST organizes all things concerning the Timbers Army and Portland area soccer. They support the Timbers and help with making tifos and enhance the culture of the Timbers Army. Outside of the Timbers Army, they contribute to the community through charitable donations and volunteering by supporting many organizations such as the Oregon Food Bank, Friends Of Trees, American Red Cross, Harper’s Playground, and Portland district schools. Since 2010 they have donated over $150,000 to build playgrounds and soccer fields in the Portland area. The Experience Just the thought of it excites me...sitting in the Timbers Army is a blast! In my opinion, and based off of personal experiences, sitting in the Timbers Army is so much more fun than your traditional seats; the experience is so different. Being right in the center of the energy source for the stadium is thrilling! But there are some unspoken rules, Here's the list I came up with:

#1 Sing loud! You need to learn as many chants as possible so you can be a part of the noise! #2 Bring your Timbers scarf! Scarfs are a soccer tradition, and it has nothing to do with the weather or fashion. It’s all about the tradition! Wave it in the air! Hit the person behind you with it!(unintentionally of course) #3 Learn the clapping patterns! Unfortunately, I have been “that guy” who didn't know how to clap right on “When I Root I Root For the Timbers” Don't be that guy...learn how to clap correctly. #4 Always be supportive! Stay high energy and be enthusiastic, no matter what the score is. The players appreciate that. #5 Have fun! Enjoy the experience! Have yourself a good time, and keep coming back! “Life is about memories and moments, and sometimes a little bit of magic” -Timbers Head Coach Caleb Porter, following the Timbers MLS Cup victory. Thanks for reading! Go Timbers! #RCTID Sources: 107IST. Accessed 5 Apr. 2017. MLS, 2017. Accessed 5 Apr. 2017. MLS, 2015. Accessed 5 Apr. 2017.

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