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The 16/17 Winter Happenings!

It was a fun-filled winter for everyone at BCS, and we had so many interesting and exciting adventures! We've displayed our most recent field trips and events for you to see!

Gilbert House (Feb. 3)

February 3rd was filled with fun for many students! About 25 students gathered to take a trip to the famous Gilbert House! Although the day was cold and rainy, all the students had lots of fun. Everyone had a great time with the many different interactive rooms, and the most popular rooms seemed to be the train room and big blue box room.

Trillium Lake Snowshoe Adventure (Feb. 17)

Brrrrrrr….. About 30 students took a trip to the Trillium Lake Snowshoe adventure on February 17! Quite a variety of people were there, of all different levels of experience. Snowshoeing is quite a workout. You actually add an attachment to your own boot in order to float on the soft snow, which is made out of aluminium or other light materials. It turned out to be a beautiful blue-skied day for the snowshoers with a low temperature. They also had a brilliant view of Mt. Hood! Thank you to Mr. Denbrook for being a leader for that event and for the pictures and info!

Read Across America day (March 3)

The three R’s: read, read, and read! On March 3rd, students gathered for national Read Across America day at the Portland student drop-in center to do just that: students, their stuffed animals, and books, that is! The students read Dr. Seuss books and made awesome crafts!

OMSI (Apr. 7)

April 7th was filled with science and discovery for these BWA students! They spent the first part of their morning in a lab at OMSI, dissecting squid and learning about the different parts of its anatomy. Each student had a small calamari squid, and they all had fun dissecting it, examining the different structures, and creating hypotheses about what those structures are for. Then they headed over to the chemistry area to learn about solving crime scenes! The students worked together in groups to write with invisible ink, learn about different blood types, make fingerprints, find hidden blood using luminol, and much more!

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