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Spring 2017 Creative Works

Welcome to the Creative Works! This is where we display students' stories, drawings, and other works of art. If you would like to see your work featured in our next edition please send us your work via the contact form at the bottom of the creative works page.



Please click on each artwork to enlarge it and see the name of the artist!



The Heroes of Title By Shayla Miller

Everyone had gone to bed after a long day of work. The kingdom of Title was so quiet that a pin could drop in the soft blanket of snow and you would hear it, the only interruptions being the whispering breeze or the gentle breathing of the slumbering guards. The shops were closed, the laughter and cheer was put away for the evening. Nothing stirred for a moment and nothing disturbed the peaceful night... READ MORE

Times Lost and Forgotten By Ruqaiyah Damrah

Standing alone in the dark winter woodlands of the English countryside is the enormous Berkenshire House. It is surrounded by dirt, peppered with patches of grass. The wind is blowing just barely, a soft beckoning whisper. You begin walking up the cracked stone steps, approaching the huge door with the broken brass knocker. The ivy-covered walls of the manor have begun to break and crumble off. Some of the hundreds of windows are cracked or shattered... READ MORE

Run By Gabrielle Lussier

The morning wasn’t cold, but he was chilled to the bone. The package in his left hand weighed heavily against his palm, a burning sensation spiking his fingertips every step he took. He kept turning back, feeling the air around him, preparing for any change in the space he had left. The royal bakery was his only escape; he’d taken far longer than he’d meant to, and he was going to cross paths with the daily guard... READ MORE

Hamster in the House! By India Rodriguez


Ugh. I want to stay and listen to my music and keep drawing. It always seems that right after you settle down and get into something, someone calls you! Probably to do a chore or something. I sigh and turn off the music. I probably won’t be back for a while. As I walk out of my room and down the hallway of my new house, my mood lifts. Who would’ve ever expected me, the middle child, to have her own room? Three kids, and we each have our own room. Amazing, for us at least... READ MORE


By: India Rodriguez and Afnaan Damrah

The sights, sounds, and sceneries begin to change

The long long summer days begin to fade

The time of Autumn has begun

The season of wind and rain

Autumn slowly arrives each time the same

Leaves and trees swirling madly about

Autumn is the best of seasons, with no doubt

The golden leaves begin to drop

They make a crisp, crunchy sound at every plop

They begin to unclothe the tree

Exposing it to the light Autumn breeze

Settling your heart at maximum ease

Makes you feel the excited urge to fly

Rising up in the cool air and into the clear, blue sky

The sky is blue with white cotton clouds

The red, orange, brown, and green

Reflecting on the water, what a scene!

Orange, brown, red, and green

The colors that change rapidly in between

Autumn truly is the best through and through

The best of seasons, certainly it is true

The sights sounds and sceneries begin to change

The long long summer days begin to fade

The time of Autumn has begun

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