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Life In the Future

The future... We have all pondered on what things would be like in the future: flying cars, robots, HUMAN RACE EXTINCTION!! In fact, a lot of movies and books have tried to describe what the far future would look like. As we have just entered 2017, I would like to present to you all the things I would like to see or that may happen by 2030.

# 1 is Cyborgs

Let's start out with cyborgs.Wouldn't it be cool to be able to get injured severely and then be able to have your body parts replaced? For example, if I lost my hand I could get a robotic one and be able to control it just like a normal hand. Can you imagine what kinds of power this could bring to the human race? We could program one's arm to be 10 times stronger than the average human. Or one could have a gun for an arm. This would bring great power to mankind. This could also bring great problems for mankind as hackers would try to program their own cyborg parts to be stronger or make their own homemade cyborg parts to be used against other humans. It would take years to provide the proper security system and precise mechanics to make this possible. Cyborg ability would bring great problems and great features for the human race.

Next for #2 is Time Travel

Time travel would be used for fixing problems that you made in the past. For instance, if I got in trouble for stealing a candy bar I could go back in time to fix the mistake I made. Wouldn't it be cool to do that? You could live a perfect life; we could go back in time to past wars and dominate them with modern weapons and machines. Although there would be many upsides to this there would be more downsides. What if someone got stuck in time or someone's past self saw their future self? Also, the time machine would have to be tested for getting stuck in time or in mid-time travel, so many things could go wrong. Just the tiniest mess-up could have people killed. It would take years to perfect and figure out, but time travel is definitely something I would love to see in the far future beyond us.

#3 is Cloning Device.

What if you could clone yourself? What if you didn't want to do chores or school and you could just call on someone else to do your work for you? What if it was so simple that all you had to do was step into a shower stall-shaped box and step right back out and you would have an exact copy of yourself? A cloning device would be very useful; all you would have to do is step in and step right back out and in a matter of days, there would be another one of you! There would be few downsides to this device: the clones might decide to turn on you and make bad decisions that would hurt your name, as we could not control them 100%. Another way this could backfire is if someone's clone thought it is the real one. You would never know which one of them is the real one. The only way this could be stopped is if the clone did not have the same memory as the original person. This would take years to perfect and complete. This is not something I would like to see, but it may occur.

Last but not least, #4 is Life on Mars.

What would life on mars feel or look like? Would life on mars be fun or scary? Would life on mars change humanity? We have all thought about life on another planet; in fact, NASA (National Aeronautics Space Administration) has already been figuring out a way for us (mankind) to live on Mars. Sending people to Mars would take years and years to perfect and find every flaw in space suits and spaceships. It would take about seven months to get there (on average). Imagine living for seven months on a spaceship to start a new life and a new civilization on a new planet! Would this excite you or scare you? Life on Mars is definitely something I would love to see in the future.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!


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