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Speak Up: Online School vs Traditional School

Most of us in the BWA community can agree that online school is much more effective than traditional school, at least on most levels. Those of us who used to be in the public school system know the downfalls and struggles of going to school: bullying, being held back, and not understanding material are all things you might deal with on a day-to-day basis. The virtual school movement has provided us with more choices and solution than ever in finding the right style of education, and many families are turning to online schools as a better alternative. The reasons can vary from student to student and family to family; each one has their own reasons for preferring online school.


What do you think? Why is online school a better alternative to traditional school? There's no right or wrong answer here; we want to hear your personal opinions, stories, and thoughts! To all the BCS parents, teachers, and students: let us know your opinion and send us your response through the contact form at the bottom of the What Do You Think section!

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