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Fall Field Trips

Sunriver Observatory - Sep. 27

BWA families spent a Wednesday evening gazing at the heavens at the Sunriver Observatory! It was a beautiful, clear night, and the students were able to view constellations with the help of a green laser. They also learned about the Herschel's garnet star and explored the observatory's Nature Center.

Redmond Air Center - Sep. 29

We saw countless wildfires this year, so it makes sense to take a field trip to the Redmond Air Center! This is the Pacific Northwest's center for wildland fire suppression, fire management, equipment support, and aviation activities. The brave fire fighters gave BWA families and staff a tour of all kinds of cool planes!

OMSI Pompeii Exhibit - Oct. 6

October 6th was an awesome and educational day for about 92 attendees! They learned about the history of pompeii as a city. Then, they got to see the amazing exhibit! A 4D theater including over 200 artifacts from that time period. Students used a study guide as they toured the exhibit that helped point out more cool facts. The leader of the event Jennifer Seretan points out the students loved learning about the gladiators. She says walking into the room with the body casts was “truly moving”. Parents were also glad that their children got a chance to meet up with other students for truly unique experience.

D&D Ranch Field Trip - Oct. 18

October 18, 26 students, 9 students, and 3 staff members gathered together for a two hour tour of the D&D ranch in Terrebonne, Oregon. Things started off with a tractor pull out to see some cows! They enjoyed trying to feed alfalfa to the cows and dodging their long thick tongues. Next a hayride to a petting zoo with cute farm animals. A presentation about cattle was next. Although it may sound boring, they learned about all the things that come from cows. Including marshmallows, yes, you heard that right, marshmallows! I was stunned too. Students all got to pick out pumpkins too! Last but not least was the kid zone! Corn maze’s, gunny sacks, and ropes ended the day. Sounds like they had a fun day!!!

Fir Point Farms - Oct. 27

About 150 students and parents got to go on this fun trip to the farm! Demonstrations on how to make cider, how to mill flour, and care for farm animals kept the crowd busy. They also learned about harvest cycles and caring for crops. There was not just one favorite part for this trip, students and parents loved the hayride, sampling cider, pumpkin donuts, feeding farm animals and more! Along with all the fun, some enjoyed a relaxing nature hike through the woods and over a creek. They all got to take home a pumpkin as well, sounds like the perfect trip to me!

OSU Climbing Wall - Nov. 3

A big group of people got to show their inner monkey November 3rd at the Oregon State University. One of the awesome huge rock walls was rented. Whether they have never climbed before or have been climbing for years students, siblings, and even teachers got to practice climbing up different difficulty levels on the wall. There was also bouldering (climbing up a shorter wall with no harness), climbing a rope, and climbing a ladder, both attached to a harness. It was very tiring but super fun! There was different favorite parts for different people, for me, the ladder was super hard, but really fun. I think everyone enjoyed it and hopes we can do it again!

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