• Hannah Gotzman

The Importance Of Youth Sports

Have you ever been on a sports team? Ever played football underneath bright stadium lights or felt the rush before your first taekwondo match? If your answer is yes, then you know how important these moments are and if your answer is no, then maybe after reading this article you may want to participate in a sport that interests you. Three Baker Web Academy students involved in sports were interviewed about why sports participation is important to them; here is what they told us.

McKenna Marker is an 8’th grader from Junction City who has been involved in taekwondo for four years. When asked what this has done for her she replied, “ I like that it has helped me come out of my shell and that I know that I will feel more comfortable if I ever get put in a situation where I have to defend myself.” McKenna would like to stay active in this sport and hopes to earn a black belt someday.

Matthew Keener, a junior from Albany Oregon plays football with the South Albany RedHawks. He has played two years with this team now and he says “it's like a huge family looking after me.” He also gave his opinion on the importance of youth sports; “I think it's important because its a lot of work and it's training kids to be able to work hard for something”…”sports are also pretty good at encouraging people to do bigger, newer things.”

McKenna Olson, sophomore from Richland, Oregon is a JV Volleyball player with the Pine- Eagle Spartans. She has played for four years and is hoping to earn her Varsity letter in the next few years. After she was asked what her favorite part of this team sport was she responded; “learning to work together with others and rely on others when I need too.” Afterward, she commented; “I like volleyball because there is always something new that I can learn that will help me improve. There is a lot of effort put in, and it is something that I personally have to work hard at. I try to be best that I can be to help my teammates succeed.”

Mckenna hopes to play Volleyball until she graduates.

Participating in youth sports is a great way to make changes in your life. You learn so much about teamwork and what it really means to stay committed to something, not only for your sake, but others too. Playing sports is a great way to boost confidence because there are always ways to improve and make you the best at what you do. Staying active isn’t only physically good for your body but it’s also great for mental health. So what are you waiting for? Go try something new!


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