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BCS Students Fight Hunger!

I think one of the best feelings in the world is knowing that somewhere, someone is going to go to sleep with a full stomach because of you. Being a kid or teen shouldn't prevent you from trying to make a difference in the world. The students at BWA have spent many hours covered in hairnets and aprons fighting hunger and serving the needy. Hopefully, the Oregon food insecurity rate (1 in 5) will shrink much lower as people continue to volunteer their time and efforts. We're very proud of our school and students, and we'd love for you to see what they've done!

PDX Giving Day- Oregon Food Bank (Nov. 29)

The Oregon Food Bank is a non-profit that makes an amazing effort to end hunger in Oregon. Volunteers and staff collect food from farmers, retailers, manufacturers, and individuals and distribute them through partner agencies to the needy all over Oregon! This organization also provides food and water to people in the midst of disaster. On Tuesday, November 29, more than 20 BWA students, staff, and parents joined together in an effort to fight hunger in Oregon. They spent their morning bagging 16,183 pounds of oranges and prepping 13,495 meals, which is an amazing amount for just two hours. Andrea Schenk, a BWA staff member at the event, says, "...there could be people around us that we don't know about, who may be benefiting from our help. This is important work to do because there could come a time when we ourselves, or someone whom we are close to, may need assistance from the Oregon Food Bank." For more information about the Oregon Food Bank, please visit www.oregonfoodbank.org.

Let these amazing students inspire you to also go out and do something to make the world better. Find a food bank near you, don your plastic apron and gloves, and fight hunger! Let no one in Oregon go hungry! Thank you to everyone who volunteered their efforts and time. You are a wonderful inspiration!

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