• Ruqaiyah Damrah

Speak Up: At What Age Should Kids Be Allowed on the Internet?

The Internet and social media can be a dangerous place for young and old alike, but it also provides a huge array of useful, educational, and entertaining resources. With the exploding popularity of social media, cyberbullying has been on the rise. Kids often don't know how to handle potentially dangerous or inappropriate situations online. What do you think? Should kids be allowed to go online and, if so, at what age or time?

The BCS Student Voice newspaper is all about making our voices heard. So now it's time for you to speak out about issues related to today's world. We want to hear from everyone, so send in your thoughts, opinions, and stands on the contact page at the bottom of the What Do You Think? section. We will publish some submissions in the spring edition, but don't be discouraged if your piece isn't published! Keep speaking up!

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